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"I just wanted to say thank you for the class. I got a lot out of the 12 hour class it was great and a lot of information that helped me. You all rock really. I can not wait to just take another class on my own soon,"

"Thanks, I appreciate the learning I received."

"Thank you, guys it was very informative!"

"I really appreciate this course, as a victim, doing this to become aware of my surroundings has helped. I have been able to recognize what it means and steps to prevent. I’m not doing this because I’m court ordered. I’m just doing it to be aware of it. "

"Your firm is extraordinary!"

"Thank you I was able to complete the course, and I think I would like to take another class I learned a lot the course was very helpful to me."

"Thank you so much for such a super fast reply... Never had I received such a fast response... I appreciate it greatly."

"Your online courses help people with disabilities tremendously."

"Thank you for your help, you have been very easy to work with. I will be highly recommending your services."

"Your great class helped or I would have been so frustrated. I really enjoyed learning how to handle things, especially rapid thinking without thinking options."

"Thank you so much for the information. I learned a lot. The format is amazing. I do not need to space this teaching out one class a week for months. I thought way more about It in a 4 hour class that I could take at my leisure."

"I seriously appreciate your assistance in this. I started to panic because I wasn't sure if I was in the right class and I actually didn't even know if you would respond or be willing to work with me so I'm definitely going to use you guys for the remaining hours that I have to get in order to satisfy the court. Thank you again."

"Thank you very much, that was record fast! Thanks again, I'm truly impressed with y'alls service. Way to go!"

"l want to recommend you guys for everyone that would like to enjoy this and l want to thank you so much for your help. "

"I greatly appreciate this school to accommodate and provide the appropriate resources and support to me. Thank you so much."

"I do so appreciate the promptness and follow through... You really went above and beyond and I am forever grateful. "

"Thank you for your help! And I enjoyed the courses!"

"I want to thank each of you who have assisted me with my effort to fulfill my requirements.

I will definitely recommend NALI to my network. I personally will be exploring and taking additional courses offered for my personal and professional growth."

"WOW! You are awesome for getting back to me so quickly!!! If only everyone worked like this, then everyone's days and lives would be so much better! Thanks again for everything!! I hope someone makes you as happy as you have me today!!"

"I really like this class and I learned a lot. The staff are so nice and friendly. I really appreciate all your support!"

"I wanted to say thank you. Your class opened up my eyes on alot of different steps I need work on with my therapist. Thank you and have a wonderful day. "

"The service and responsiveness that you have supplied me is nothing but amazing! You are so polite and accommodating to your customers needs! And I truly am glad that you were the one who helped me! Keep up the good work and never forget how much you truly help people! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you. Glad I took notes..It was worth the money as it goes into so many areas."

"I just wanted to say thank you for my certificate. I really appreciate the fast effort in returning my certificate. It meant a lot to me. Thank you again."

"Thank you. Very well presented with excellent references.

"Thank you for your wonderful course. I enjoyed it very much. It was very much appreciated and helpful. "

"Your website is really easy to use, thank you."

"Thank you...for the class you offer. It was a pleasure to take this class..."

"I would just like to say that this course has helped me immensely... Going over and really studying this material has calmed me down and helped me realize that reacting instead of responding was what affected me the most. This course more than likely saved my marriage and helped me understand that I'm in control of my thoughts and emotions and no one else. I know I still have work to do, but this program really opened my eyes and will take it to heart and put it into practice daily. Once again, thank you so much. "

"I had no idea I would get an actual real response or that it would be today. Now, that's customer service!"

"I want to say all the information so far has been an eye opener. I appreciate the format you have designed for learning on this sensitive subject. Thank you for all your hard work. "

"Thank you for this program. I presented my course to the judge and my case was finally closed."
"Wow, thank you very much. Such fast service. We have had a good response to defendants using this service."

"Thank you, my clients have benefited from being able to complete the course on-line."

"I wanted to say thank you, but I also wanted to compliment you on your incredible customer service! You and your staff have been extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with."

"So far we have had very good feedback and usage of the service."

"I would like to say that using your computer course makes my job a little easier and the clients seem to like the accessibility. I just referred another client this morning to your course. Thanks again for reaching out."

"I love your service and our clients do as well."

"I have gone through some of the programs.  I am highly impressed with the format as well as the information.  "

"Thank you, that was quick and painless!"

"You guys were great... We are in court now, he’s feeling better about his circumstances..."

"Thank you for allowing me to be part of North America Learning Institute to assist our client in becoming a positive citizen in our community."

"We have had positive feedback from the youth who have taken your courses. You are a good resource for our Youth Court. Thanks for your help and support."

"Thank you, I really appreciate how helpful you are! You have made this experience so great with your customer service."

"We have been extremely pleased with your courses."

"I have all sorts of criminal cases. I have referred quite a few clients to you. I really believe in your company. It has helped my clients tremendously. Thank you so much!"

"Your company's customer service is awesome!"

"Thank you again for your responsiveness and for a wonderful product!"

"Thank you for your prompt response. I reviewed the course and feel this will be a resource and will be happy to use this course as a sanction for some of the defendants in this court. Thanks again."

"I want to thank you so very much. Having Admin access is going to be awesome."

"Thank you very much! The courses are very reasonable and fair to the defendants that we have. I really appreciate the service also."

"I highly recommend the courses your company offers."

"I am most excited to refer you! I used to use your services at my old job and always loved it for our clients. Thank you!"

"It looks like your company has gone to great lengths to accommodate the needs of courts, and we thank you for that. We’re excited to work with you!"

"Thank you very much. I have been sending many clients to you in the past but finally decided to open an account or profile. We love the ease of your website."

"Thank you for all the assistance you have given our Probation Department, we appreciate you!!"

"I'm really glad to have learned about your website. I referred another one of my offenders today and she has already registered and I had another one complete your course today. This is wonderful."

"I wanted to again thank you for the so very efficient and professional business that you are in charge of. You are so easy to work with and our clients love the manner in which the classes are handled."

"I just have to say that you all are very efficient to work with and quick in responding. I truly appreciate you all being great to work with."

"Really like your service. If they use my referral code the certs come right to me. Inexpensive for defendants who most have financial problems. It is great."

"Your response time is amazing. I'm very grateful."

"Thank you. I really appreciate the access to follow up on my client's compliance."

"Thanks so much for the fine job you do with our clients."

"Thank you. You have solidified my faith in your organization... I will continue to send parolees your way. You have been most helpful and efficient. I greatly appreciate your help."

"You all are crazy fast with communication. I am so impressed with the support you provide. You will be my first referral provided moving forward. Amazing customer service."

"Thank you! All of the information has been extremely helpful. This will definitely be a resource that I will continue to use with my youth."

"Let me thank you for working with us. Every client that comes through our door is required to take your course and we have had great success with it. "

"Thank you for responding so quickly. We do appreciate the ease of accessing the certificates for the courses our defendants take with North American."

"Thanks so much, I took a few of these courses and they were wonderful. I work with a lot of homeless and people affected by bad life decisions and young youth that these courses will really help. This will add a great value to my program."

"You guys are the best, thank you so much for such speedy responses."

"I really appreciate the awesome customer service you provide."

"I am a Parole Agent for IDOC and your programs are my first go-to when I meet with the men and women on my caseload. I spread the program to other Agents in Illinois too for their caseloads so we appreciate what you offer! I will add the hand out to my packets."

"Everyone should be aware of the excellent customer service and progressive appropriate course materials given in this needed program. As a probation officer, I have found your program invaluable especially during the COVID pandemic. I am telling so many other officers about this program and urging them to refer their clients as well as Department of Children and Family Services. Again, I thank you all and I am so grateful for you."

"I am a Substance Abuse Professional and I am quite picky about what services that I recommend to my clients. I have recommended this product for several years. With the assistance of North American Learning Institute, a list of questions was designed that I could ask the client in my office to make certain that the student not only took the test personally (without any outside assistance) but was also able to comprehend the material presented. This extra assistance has given me the confidence to recommend this product and maintain the level of professionalism that is so important in this field."

"This is wonderful, thank you so much! I will be using your classes for my clients on a regular basis. "

"I made an account to get a certificate for a client who completed a course with your organization. You guys are great!"

"I am very excited for this new partnership. This new process will help the court streamline some while also monitoring progress and completion. I look forward to receiving the post cards and putting them to use ASAP. Thank you for your prompt response and I look forward to working with you."

"I was told that you guys have been amazing at providing some on line programming that will help our clients meet their probation order conditions."
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